Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Photo of awan

It was tension but calm that day. Tension in a sense that we are gearing up 120% to complete our preparation for the launching day tomorrow. Calm comes in the form of the nice cloud formation in this picture. I have never seen such cloud, like the whitish pattern in your coffee when you stir your Nescafe with extra Coffeemate. Anyhow, the weather is cooling calm, the clouds are calm, I am calm, but my team are not. He he he.

Subhanallah the cloud are so beautiful, they are simply breathtaking. I hope the photo will give u the same impact I felt when I saw those. But I also have some feeling that my team aren’t sharing the same emotions with meg because they are die die trying to finish up what we have planned for tomorrow event. Come, lets enjoy another picture while our boys are working behind me. He he he. Hope they don’t mind.

Seem like white smoke from sabut nyioq kena bakaq eh?. And if you can see, the time stamped on the photo are Malaysian local time (forgot to change mah), which means, the time this photo was taken is about 6:27pm Libya time.

Ok, after the hu-ha and oohs and aahs, my team finally manage to complete the preparation for the launching day tomorrow.

Everything gone well for the launching. Many photos were taken and many outside people turned up for the event.

After the calm sensation yesterday, and after all the commotion of the launching day have gone, when all who have come dispersed everywhere to I don’t know where, come the fiercest weather I have ever seen. The sandstorm.

Well, actually I don’t know if this is the REAL desert sandstorm in the real desert deep south, but trust me, the sandstorm I had that day is quite how to say, “dahsyat”.


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