Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Our first day

Harmid said I should take this shot when the sun is nicely brighten up the minaret, emitting the yellowish glow from behind the tower, illuminating the bulan sabit and the mosque as whole.

I like this photo, though I feel that the horizontal alignment aren’t plane and the focus of the camera is not very well.

That day, was our very first day staying in Um al Gandil, the two of us, foreigners from distance land, staying in a land far away from any necessities readily available in our place back home. What we have there, apparently is the mosque, a benzene station, small clinic, some workshop and of course two groceries store.

And on that very first day, we decided to walk to the groceries shop in front that very late evening, misjudging the distance and just relying on the phrase, “dekat aje..” but on that day Harmid and I learned our first lesson living in the desert. Things you can see out here doesn’t necessarily means its “dekat aje”. Sometimes it can be “very jauh”. And the “dekat aje” walk we took to Abdul Gader shop cost us about half and hour or approximately 2.4km or almost 5km to and fro our house. Quite a distance to cover by walking.

And the sun sets very quickly, leaving the 2 poor Malaysians (nganga) again pondering on their decision to walk to the shop that evening, because darkness falls almost immediately after the sun sets. “Have to buy torch light lah wan,” . So the two strangers set foot again struggling to find their way home in the dark.

After all the struggle, just to prepare a dinner for the night, proved to be rather useless. Because we forgot to buy salt. Ceh.


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