Tuesday, May 30, 2006

fury of mother nature

When there is a difference in temperature over large cross section area of land, and in the attempt to bring balance to the equation, come mother nature's most vicious fury, the sandstorm.

i am sandstormed that day, in fact, three straight relentless day battered and hammered by practically flying sand and high velocity wind.

what to do then, stay indoors lah and see Harmid face, Harmid see my face. muehehe. no tv, satelite dish flown away.


Anonymous mak ndak said...

Congratulations! Best wishes and keep up the blog up-to-date. Caya sama lu la. Malu nak cerita I actually started a few blogs but no discipline never update he he he. Thank you for telling me about it. Gee!!I love the calm pics. I love the comment tu "like nescafe with ...". One or two times last year I got immersed in the pictures taken of sunsets, ulardanu (do u know what it is?) and plenty more nature pics.

9:01 PM  

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