Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Almost Got Unta as my ride

Betcha u dont see this everyday if youre in Malaysia.

Then suddenly on May 25, 2006 a trailer laden with camels stopped in front of our workshop while we are busy clearing and unloading the newly arrived container. They brought down one half-life camel, probably exhausted due to the heat and the long journey. Amazingly, none of the other ‘passenger’ on board want to disembark there.

The lorry driver gave the poor fellow some water, after a while the camel awake. The locals hurried to the scene to see what is happening. The driver just left the camel there and said, if this camel died, just shove him to the side and bury him there, if he is alive, take it. I was told that, this full grown camel costs about LD700.00 if its up for sale. That, my friend, translate to RM2,100.00 back home. can buy one PSP liao.

And I said to Harmid, why didn’t u take the camel, its in front of our workshop, we keep him inside the workshop, feed him and bela like our camel, then we can go to site by camel mah. Harmid said, cannot lah, those villagers already booked the camel.

Imagine I’m going to my jobsite riding a camel.

Ya Marhaba, marhaba…kois mudir, kois..

Kois indeed. Hehehe..


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